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Why Am I Still Single? The Plight Of The Serial Monogamist

Why Am I Still Single? The Plight Of The Serial Monogamist

Why am I still single? For many women, this is a perplexing and extremely frustrating question.

But before you give up on the dating game, hang in there with me for just a moment, ok?

Today, I’m inviting a friend of mine to help me clear up some of the confusion and put you on the path to finding true love with the man of your dreams…the type of committed, enthusiastic love you absolutely deserve.

If you’re perpetually single, stuck in an unhealthy relationship, or are a “serial monogamist” (someone who gets involved with one wrong person after another, never resulting in a long term commitment), I have good news.

Are you ready?

It’s not your fault.

That’s right! It’s not your fault.

I mentioned I’d be inviting a friend to help me out, so let me introduce you to her right now. Her name is Paige Parker and she’s a dating coach and relationship expert.

But she wasn’t always that way…

In fact, she used to be a complete DATING DISASTER! And I really mean disaster. Watch this video to see what I mean.

Paige believes the reason why so many women can’t find love with the man of their dreams is because they are set up for failure from a very young age.

Paige explains…

“We’ve been fed a big LIE by Hollywood and society which causes us to have majorly skewed expectations of a romantic partner.”

If you don’t have healthy expectations from the get-go, it can be darn right impossible to create a lasting relationship.

single girl wishing her prince would come

Still wishing your prince would come?

Oh, and those romantic lines you hear in the movies (think things like “You complete me” in Jerry Maguire) create many of those unhealthy expectations for women. If you want to find true love and keep it, both partners need to be fully aware of what they can offer each other, but more importantly what needs are theirs alone to fulfill.

Nothing is more damaging to a relationship than needing someone to “complete you”.

Even as young girls, playing with Barbie dolls and watching Disney fairy tale movies, women are conditioned to believe life will be everything it’s meant to be just as soon as Prince Charming rides in on his white stallion and saves the day. So they wait…and they wait…and they wait for their prince to ride in and fill a void. They wait for their prince to complete them.

But instead of the prince, they usually attract the jester…

And the end result becomes a soul-sucking codependent union and a broken relationship.

As you ask yourself, “Why am I still single?”, consider how much time you’ve been spending waiting for “The One”, befuddled by questions like…

  • Why don’t quality men approach me?
  • Why does he never call me even though he said he would?
  • Why didn’t he ask me out on a second date? We had such an amazing time on the first one.
  • Why did he suddenly pull away just when I thought everything was going great?
  • Why won’t he commit and take this relationship to the next level?
  • Will he ever marry me?
  • Why does he always pull back and need space?
  • Why does he seem to shut down or get defensive when I try to talk to him about how I feel?

Society conditions women to believe their happiness is someone else’s responsibility. You’ll be happy when your prince comes, right?

But he never comes, and even if a great guy does roll around you find he suddenly disappears for no apparent reason.

It doesn’t have to be that way…

Learn Paige Parker’s secrets to massive success with men here.

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