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Welcome To PDFlirt

Welcome To PDFlirt

Hi! Derek Maak here and I wanted to thank you for stopping by and checking out my latest project, PDFlirt, where I’ll be teaching you how to digitally transform your relationships!

Now you may be wondering what it means to “digitally transform your relationships” so let me explain.

Clearly you are human (although it would be cool if you were some sort of cyborg visiting my blog), so obviously I can’t just update your processor or insert an extra stick of RAM to make your relationships work better. But what I can do is use online, digital mediums such as videos and ebooks to teach you how to bring more romance, passion, intimacy, and desire to your relationships.

And that’s where the name PDFlirt comes from!

The first part, PDF, represents the digital nature of the information I’ll be sharing with you. Most ebooks are written and downloaded as PDF’s which stands for Portable Document Format (a little fun fact you’ll want to keep in mind for the next time you’re on Jeopardy).

The second part, Flirt, represents dating and relationships since that’s what I love talking about and sharing with others through my writing. I chose the word “Flirt” because it represents everything I love about romance and attraction. After all, who doesn’t love to flirt and have fun?

Flirting is what sparks the initial attraction and what keeps it going down the road.

Sharing the “F” brings the two together to digitally transform your relationships. Pretty cool, eh?

I hope you have fun while you’re here and learn something that can make your relationships better. I’ll be sharing a lot of insights and some really amazing resources so stick around to browse the site and come back often, ok?

Leave your name, a quick hello, and a fun fact about yourself in the comments section below. I’d love to hear from you.

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