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Text Your Ex Back Social Features Review

Text Your Ex Back Social Features Review

In my last post I shared with you the many improvements Michael Fiore made to the Text Your Ex Back PDF when he released version 2.0 back in July of this year. If you missed that post, you can read it here.

Today I want to discuss what I feel is the most significant change in Text Your Ex Back 2.0 and the one that will be most beneficial to you if you decide to use Mike’s texting system to get your ex back.

What I’m referring to are the new Text Your Ex Back social features.

Now you may be thinking, “Social features? Why should I care about those? I’m not trying to make friends. I’m not looking for someone new. I just want my ex back.”

The reason you should care is because one of the most difficult aspects of getting your ex back is remaining strong and confident throughout the entire process. It’s nearly impossible to do all by yourself.

It’s easy to get desperate. It’s easy to get needy. It’s easy to break the no contact rule in a moment of weakness. It’s easy to give in to the emotional stress and anxiety that beats at you like a relentless hailstorm.

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

The constant pacing back and forth in your room as you replay every moment of the relationship in your head over and over again…

a depressed girl who lost her ex

Getting your ex back becomes much more difficult when you try to do it completely on your own…

The relentless torment of blaming yourself and questioning what you should do next…

The anguish of not knowing if your ex will come back to you or if you’ve truly lost the love of your life for good…

The despair of knowing you can’t go back and change anything, no matter how bad you want to…

The uncertainty of what your ex is doing and who he or she is doing it with…

The never ending struggle to keep from contacting your ex the moment you miss him or her…

The constant stream of “what ifs” and “if onlys” that torture you and make you sad and depressed…

The unshakeable feeling of being alone with no one to talk to and no one to comfort you because your friends and family don’t really understand what you’re going through. They give you advice like…

  • “There’s millions of fish in the sea.”
  • “Dude, you should just go sleep with her best friend.”
  • “You just need to get drunk and forget about him.”

Friends and family mean well, but their perspective is often skewed. Plus, everything you tell them always seems to find its way back to your ex which can end up creating an even bigger rift unintentionally.

Going through a breakup alone is extremely difficult and this is why I think the new Text Your Ex Back social features are so important.

Let me show you how they can help you get your ex back, ok?

Text Your Ex Back Social Features Explained

In the last post, I explained how Text Your Ex Back is no longer a single PDF. Instead, it now consists of a private member’s area with 11 different modules that each have audio, video, and PDF files associated with them.

Inside that member’s area there are hundreds of people who are going through the exact same thing you are. Every relationship and every situation is unique in its own way, but at the core of it all every member is experiencing the loss and pain of a breakup and they are seeking a solution to fix it.

Text Your Ex Back social features allow you to connect with these members. Not only are they experiencing the same feelings and emotions that you are, but they are also going through the Text Your Ex Back program and, therefore, have a unique insider’s perspective to help you.

I can’t think of a more perfect support group.

I can tell you from logging into my own account that this group of people is very supportive and more than willing to be there for you whenever you need them. I don’t think you can truly understand and appreciate just how much of an edge this can give you until you’ve actually gone through a breakup and tried desperately to get your ex back.

How Text Your Ex Back Social Features Work

The backbone of the social features is pretty simple. If you’re familiar with Facebook and other social media sites then you’ll feel right at home.

Once you log into the member’s area, you’ll see a welcome screen and a “comments bar” where you can introduce yourself, leave comments, or ask questions.

It’s much like leaving a comment on someone’s Facebook wall. You simply type in what you want to say, select whether it’s a comment, question, suggestion, or answer, and then hit the “Share” button to post it. This makes the comment available for other Text Your Ex Back member’s to respond to.

Here’s a screenshot of this feature from my account showing 39,644 comments. As you can see many members are taking advantage of this feature. (Note: I have “whited-out” the member’s name in the first comment to respect their privacy and have included my own notes to point things out…)

a look at the comments feature inside the Text Your Ex Back member's area

This is the main comment wall and the most widely used, but there are also comment walls for each individual module which makes it easier to keep things organized if you have a question or comment about a specific part of the Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back program.

In the next screenshot, you can see some of the various modules and how many comments have been submitted under each module.

number of comments for each Text Your Ex Back module

Another cool feature is that you have your own profile page where you can put information about yourself and/or about your situation. You can also follow people much like you can on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Here’s a screenshot showing my profile (again I have blurred members to protect their privacy)…

derek maak's profile page inside Michael Fiore's Text Your Ex Back 2.0 system

When you follow someone, any posts they make will show up on your wall which makes it easier to track the conversation.

How To Get The Most Out Of The Text Your Ex Back Social Features

I’m sure your next question is, “That’s great Derek, but how does this help me get my ex back?”

In just a few minutes I’ve come up with a list of no fewer than 10 ways you can use the social features inside the Text Your Ex Back Michael Fiore program to your advantage. In no particular order, these are…

1.) Strength And Support

Having a weak moment and feeling like you’re going to give in to the 30 days of no contact? Instead of texting your ex, leave a message in the member’s area and get strength and support from others who can help you through the difficult parts of the program.

2.) Encouragement

The process of getting your ex back is going to have its ups and downs. There will be good days. There will be bad days. When you’re feeling down or depressed, pop into the member’s area and get some encouragement to help calm your anxieties.

3.) Venting

Pissed off because you just found out your ex is seeing someone else or he or she has been lying to you this whole time? Log in and vent your frustrations so you can get rid of that negative emotion that will prevent you from winning him or her back. Just being able to talk about things helps a great deal.

4.) Guidance

Stuck and not sure what to do next? Why not ask for some advice and guidance?

5.) Clarification

Are you reading through the Text Your Ex Back program and something doesn’t make sense? Use the social features to ask your questions and get clarification whenever you need it.

6.) Text Message Ideas

Having a hard time coming up with good text messages or not sure if the text you’re about to send will come across as too needy or desperate? Why not ask for some input from others? More than likely someone else has already sent a similar text and can give you the green light or tell you what you’re about to send is a bad idea.

7.) Faith, Resolve, And Self Esteem

Not sure if the Michael Fiore program is going to work for you? Renew your faith and resolve by reading about other member’s success stories. Build your self-esteem so you can be the strong, confident person your ex will be attracted to.

If you find something that works for you, share it and help others.

8.) Make Friends (Or More)

You never know when a contact you make inside Text Your Ex Back will turn into a lifelong friend or possibly even more.

9.) Closure

After going through the program, have you decided you don’t really want your ex back after all? Discuss your relationship and interact with others to get the closure you need to move on.

10.) Piggyback Off Other’s Success

Did you read a comment from someone having good success with the program or find someone who always seems to give good advice? Why not follow them and use their knowledge to help you get your ex back.

Final Thoughts

Text Your Ex Back not only helps you get your ex back, but it also helps you build your self-esteem and can help you move on if you realize your ex isn’t the right person for you. There are a lot of great people in there who can help which makes Michael’s texting system all that more powerful.

Chances are you’ll even see me in there helping people as much as I can (username DerekMaak).

There’s no reason to let a breakup destroy your “swagger”. Combine Michael Fiore’s text messages and his proven texting techniques with the added benefits of the Text Your Ex Back social features, and you have an amazing and very real opportunity to bring your ex back into your life.

See you in the next post,

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