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Michael Fiore Reveals How To Flirt Through Texting


Michael Fiore Reveals How To Flirt Through Texting

In my last post I talked about how to get a man to commit and explained why love and attraction alone aren’t enough to make a man move a relationship forward.

Today I want to talk about text flirting.

I absolutely love texting. It’s a fantastic way to bring romance, passion, intimacy, and desire into a relationship and it’s so much easier to let your guard down and send something flirty over text then it is to say the same thing to someone in person. Oh, and did I mention it’s a ton of fun?

girl flirting over textKnowing how to flirt through texting is a learned skill. Sure, flirting comes more naturally to some people than it does to others, but even if you’re the shyest or quietest guy or girl in the room, you can use text messages to dial up the attraction with your girlfriend or boyfriend or to attract the attention of that cutie you’re just getting to know.

And you won’t have to worry about being nervous or stumbling all over your words in front of him or her.

The method I want to share today is just one of the many Michael Fiore describes in detail in his awesome ebook, Text The Romance Back 2.0. If you don’t already know, Michael is considered by many to be the “king of texting” and has authored several different guides along with TRB 2.0 which include Text Your Ex Back and Text Your Wife Into Bed. I actually did a full review of Text Your Ex Back if you’d like to check it out here.

Michael calls these types of texts Private Whispers and says…

“Our goal is to have a private little conversation with your partner in a situation where you are together, but can’t have a romantic conversation or really touch each other, because there are other people and it just wouldn’t be appropriate.”

He goes on to explain…

“What makes Private Whispers so much fun is the incongruence between how you have to act on the outside (proper, normal, boring) and the tone of the conversation you’re having with your partner telepathically through your phone.”

So let’s take a look at why I love these types of flirty texts.

Private Whispers • Tons Of Fun When You Want To Dial Up The Attraction Or Turn Your Love Interest On In A Crowd

As Michael mentioned above, you use Private Whispers when you and your partner (or you and your love interest) are in the same room together, but can’t really talk or touch each other because there are other people around.

So for example, you might be…

  • In a crowded shopping mall
  • Strapped side by side in an airplane
  • At a dinner party or BBQ
  • At a music concert
  • At a college fraternity or sorority party
  • At a sporting event
  • At a wedding or graduation

There are hundreds if not thousands of situations where these types of flirty texts come into play, but I think you get the idea.

I remember back in my college days (seems like forever ago now) when these types of texts worked awesome at parties when there was loud music and tons of people crammed into a room with everyone wanting your attention (and the attention of your partner) all at the same time.

Did they work? Well, I think Michael says it best when he says…

“…in the right circumstances you can build amazing levels of tension and desire that have you clawing at each other like hyenas as soon as you get some time alone.”

Some of the best flirty texts use what is known as an ellipsis. If you flunked grammar class that’s those 3 little dots at the end of a sentence that looks like this…

The ellipsis is really cool when it comes to texting because it leads to anticipation and allows your partner to use their imagination. Let’s look at some examples.

Private Whisper Examples

man and woman face to face flirting

The right text can bring amazing results...

Remember, flirting over text is all about having FUN! So let loose a little and don’t be afraid to use text messages to press a few of your partner’s hot buttons.

Let’s imagine a quick scenario so I can give you some quick ideas on how this works.

Let’s imagine that Ryan is dating Kendra. They go to a big party over on campus, but as soon as they arrive their friends are pulling them in opposite directions. Ryan’s buddies pull him away to talk about beer, sports, and babes. Kendra’s best friend pulls her away to tell her about the new guy she just had an amazing date with.

There’s music. Tons of people. And Ryan and Kendra can barely keep eye contact with one another.

But Ryan keeps thinking about how super hot Kendra looks in her little mini skirt and how he wants to ravish her when they get home. With all the people around Ryan obviously can’t act on these feelings that are driving him crazy, so he turns to the Private Whispers he learned in Michael Fiore’s Text The Romance Back PDF ebook.

He pulls out his phone and texts Kendra, “Stop it…”

She immediately replies, “Stop what?”

Ryan responds, “Glancing over here with that sexy smile of yours. Keep it up and I’ll have to…” (there’s that ellipsis I was talking about earlier)

He watches as Kendra pulls out her phone and gets a huge smile as she reads his text…she types back, “You’re gonna have to do what? :)

Ryan replies with, “Oh, I think you know. ;) You’re the most beautiful woman here.”

Kendra gets a rush of excitement tingling through her entire body. It takes all she has to keep from walking over there and ripping his shirt off.

The teasing and sexual tension through Private Whispers continues throughout the night and when the party ends and they have time alone…well…OMG.

The great thing about Private Whispers is they can be extremely simple such as…

  • Stop distracting me…
  • If we were alone right now…
  • Stop smiling at me or I’ll have to…
  • You have no idea how bad I want to…
  • Are you going to keep doing that all night?

Or they can be extremely vivid and detailed as you describe to your partner what you would do to them right now if you could. If a text establishes connection, attraction, love, or desire, there’s a good chance you can turn it into an amazing, fun, and flirty Private Whisper.

To learn even more Private Whispers and to get even more incredible tips and techniques on how to flirt through texting, be sure to check out Michael Fiore’s Text The Romance Back. It’s awesome!

  1. Ambika Choudhary Mahajan says:

    You right. Sexting, as it is called today, can surely add spice to a relationship.
    I have been married for over 16 years now but I still feel myself going week in the knees when my hubby messages me sthg like, “Cant wait to get back home…why you taking so long, sweetie?…Lets rush back!!”.
    It holds good for a date as much as for a married couple.

    • Derek Maak says:

      Hi Ambika,

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. It’s amazing how powerful a few words sent through a text message can be. It’s a great way to tell your partner how much you appreciate them and exactly what they mean to you. Best of all, it only takes a couple seconds to send something that can have a profound and lasting impact on the relationship.

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